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    Take a look at what we have to offer – sofas, tables, chairs, shelves, lighting, toys, pet furniture, and even items that will help you to create the perfect garden! If you need it or want it, chances are we have it. And if we don’t, just get in touch with us and we will make it for you. There are no limits to our creativity.

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Furniture Design

Furniture Design

At Pana, we offer a wide range of unique, stylish furniture created from old, reclaimed wood. Everything old is new again with upcycled furniture created by our talented designers.

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A well-furnished room is nothing without accessories. At Pana, when we design an interior, we take care of even the smallest details – from the lighting down to ornamental pieces, all created from reclaimed wood.


From full ceiling lighting for even the largest rooms down to cozy table lamps, Pana can take care of all your lighting needs. We offer charming lighting solutions, created from upcycled wood and guaranteed to delight even the most discriminating client.


What is life without toys? Delight your child with wooden cars, planes and blocks, all created from re-purposed wood. Our toys are whimsical and eco-friendly. When your little one is tired from a day’s play, put him or her to sleep in one of our charming baby beds – like all of our products, they are also made from upcycled materials.

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pezana rexhaPezana Rexha      Pana is a highly creative, social upcycling company. We have been in business since 2013, and during that time we have designed furniture and accessories for bars, restaurants and homeowners, using re-purposed wood. Our main services are furniture production, accessories, and interior design. We are the first company in Albania to work with reclaimed wood (pallets in particular), transforming it into beautiful items for your home. When you purchase an item from Pana, you can be assured that no trees were cut down to make it. Our clients love our designs, and they also love our prices! With Pana, you can be assured of getting a beautiful piece of furniture, a pleasing accessory, or a delightful toy, without harming the environment.

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